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Tunes For TaliaTunes For Talia
Tunes For Talia and Tots Galore! Barbara Silverman's latest effort.

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  1. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  2. Head and Shoulders
  3. Animal Fair / Abba Dabba
  4. Wheels on the Bus

  1. I'm A Little Teapot
  2. Barnyard Dance
  3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  4. Teddy Bears Picnic

  1. Grand Old Duke of York
  2. Sing a Song of Sixpence
  3. Rainbow Connection


Wrap Your TroublesWrap Your Troubles
The Teflons latest effort.

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  1. I Found My Straight Shootin' Cowboy
  2. Jealous Hearted Me
  3. Can't Make a True Love Out of You
  4. She Came Rolling Down The Mountain

  1. Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia
  2. Queen of Skye/McLeod's Reel
  3. When the Bloom is on the Sage
  4. Blues Stay Away from Me

  1. Old Joe Clark/Angeline the Baker
  2. You Ain't Been Living Right
  3. Sing It
  4. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams


Into The Frying PanInto The Frying Pan
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bruce Roper and The Teflons.

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  1. These Coal Town Days
  2. Southbound Passenger Train
  3. Venus and the Crescent Moon
  4. YZ Hamilton’s Breakdown

  1. I Heard the Bluebirds Sing
  2. Lovesick Blues
  3. Great Dream from Heaven
  4. When Our Old Age Pension Check Comes to Our Door

  1. Ukulele Lady
  2. Old Black Mountain Trail
  3. Something’s Got a Hold On Me


The TeflonsThe Teflons
Four powerful voiced females span the decades and traverse the globe, in the finest of four-part harmony and original arrangements. From gospel to country, from doo wop to swing, The Teflons offer an eclectic mix of instrumentals and exciting a cappella pieces.

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  1. Southbound Passenger Train
  2. Throw Your Love My Way

  1. Yonder Come Day
  2. French Canadian Reelsy

  1. Home in Pasadena
  2. No Women, No Cry


Carry Me HomeCarry Me Home
Through her publishing company Silver Beam Music, Barb gives us ten of her own songs and five vintage, tastefully covering a range of styles from swing to blues to old-time to vintage country to gospel and her well-crafted originals.
Barb's notable guitar, piano and washboard work on this CD are backed by an array of powerhouse musicians including mandolin virtuosos Don Stiernberg and Keith Baumann (also a stunning dobro master), accordionist John Williams of Solas fame, bluegrass banjo star Greg Cahill of Special Consensus, Big Shoulders' guitarist Larry Clyman, traveled traditionalist Mark Dvorak, old-timey favorite Steve Rosen, bassist Al Ehrich from "In the Deep Heart's Core," and Barb's stunning vocals backed up by five local vocal favorites.
"All aboard! This boat is moving up a lazy river, swinging on a deep old current of jazz & folk. Barb is at the helm. You will enjoy the ride." Greg Brown

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  1. Guess Who's in Town
  2. Let Fly July
  3. Half Moon
  4. Measure of the Man
  5. Day After Tomorrow Rag
  6. When First I Took to You

  1. Gary and Patrick
  2. I'm Goin' Back to Dixie
  3. If It's Magic
  4. Carry Me Home
  5. My Picture's in the Sunday Trib

  1. Pencil Me In
  2. Prove My Love for You
  3. Shalom Aleichem/
    Great Dream from Heaven
  4. That Lucky Old Sun


Live from Big BayLive From Big Bay
A Quaystone Concert Series Live Performance. Recorded by WNMU-FM, Marquette, MI, at Big Bay, on June 8-10, 1994. Barbara Silverman on vocals, guitar, washboard and bones, with Keith Baumann playing mandolin and dobro.

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  1. Bread and Gravy
  2. Train Travel
  3. Gary and Patrick
  4. C.C. Rider
  5. Sit Down

  1. Tennessee Local
  2. Ain't No Sin
  3. Shake These Bones
  4. Half Moon

  1. Richland Woman
  2. Sail Away Ladies
  3. Bei Mir Bist Du Schöen
  4. Old Fashioned Love


Dance Around in Your BonesDance Around in Your Bones
For ten years the Laketown Buskers have been Chicago's musical equivalent of a country general store, and one of the Midwest's finest old-time, good-time bands. True to the spirit of street performers, they make their pitch wherever the crowds are, be it land, sea, or L train; be it radio show, festival, or coffee house. The Laketown Buskers have busked the nation. They'll busk you too, and like everyone else, you'll come away smiling.

"...a fine fiddler in Colin McCoy and a stunning vocalist in Barbara Silverman. When McCoy cuts loose on his fiddle breaks and Silverman struts her smoky sultry stuff on the jazz-flavored sides, you'll dance around in your bones, too." Old-Time Herald

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  1. Leavin' Home
  2. Ain't No Sin
  3. Miller's Reel
    - Fisher's Hornpipe
  4. Green Grow the Lilacs


  1. The Blues My Naughty
    Sweetie Gives to Me
  2. St. Louis Blues
  3. You Rascal You
  4. Shake Rattle and Roll
  5. Why Don't You Do Right


  1. Hesitation Blues
  2. East Tennessee Blues
  3. Ride and Old Paint
  4. Tennessee Local
  5. Are You From Dixie